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  • Different benefits - children's education
    2016-11-15 Huachen(ChangYi) Textile Group
    It is another year of school season and a new starting point.
    In this beautiful September, the children of the HuaChen family are about to embark on the road of learning to pursue their dreams.
    The chairman and general manager of this group expressed their heartfelt congratulations to the children of Brilliance family who were admitted this year!
    In order to encourage all Huachen family members to strengthen their education for their children, care for their children’s healthy growth, and motivate their children to read good books and be good people, it becomes useful.
    Only for the family, for the unit to add luster, special gift for the school!
    In 2016, 44 children of Huachen Textile Group were promoted to higher education institutions, including 3 graduate students and 22 undergraduates. Admission universities are: Beijing Institute of Technology
    University, China University of Petroleum, Zhengzhou University, Capital Medical University and other national key universities.
    On August 30th, 2016, the Group's Human Resources Director Jiang Zaiquan sent a congratulatory gift to 44 Brilliance family members on behalf of the Chairman and General Manager: respectively
    4,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan;



    Yuesheng produces 13 family members who have won prizes



    Logistics of a family member who received a bonus



    8 members of the Yuesheng East Branch who received the bonus



    HuaChen printing and dyeing 12 family members who received bonuses



    Huachen Textile's 10 family members who received bonuses



    The mother of "2016 Huachen College Entrance Examination" - Zhang Chengsong, Brilliance Yuesheng production, and the value of the lathe; his son Ding Jianxi, scored 622 points,
    Ranked at the top of the Huachen College Entrance Examination Rankings and admitted to China University of Petroleum.
    Congratulations to the above-mentioned winners and wish the children who will participate in the college entrance examination next year to achieve even better results!