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    Cultural interpretation
  • From the world of Lilitha
            Brilliance culture is condensed into one sentence, which is “self-reliance and virtue”.
            The so-called "self-interest" is its own interests, the so-called "altruism" is the interests of others. The so-called "self-lily" is the action taken for the sake of profit. It must be at the same time let others and the other party profit. Self-interest and altruism are unified and unanimous. Altruism is self-interest. Helping others is to help themselves. Because they are actually a whole with the outside world, the common saying is to help others, the music is energy, the gas phase, the rise and fall in the gas phase, music is In the gas phase, the benefit is maximized by helping others gain energy. This is self-reliance.
           Let us compare our life to sailing in the sea. In order to live an ideal life, we must use our own strength and desperately row. However, it is impossible to reach the distant shore by relying solely on its own strength. Must be prepared to accept the help of his wind in the direction of the ship's progress. The so-called preparation is to raise a strong and beautiful sail that accepts the wind of his power. In this universe, there is often a "wind of his power", which promotes the singularity of everything, and everything continues to move in a good direction and in a better direction. However, if you simply emphasize "I am mys", on the sails raised with "self-interested heart", because the holes are filled, and the wind of "the wind of his power" is blown, the wind is worn through the holes. However, no matter how high the sail is, the high ship will not move forward. On the contrary, if you use the "Altruistic Heart" to raise the sails, you will be able to enjoy the grace of his power, smooth sailing, and break the waves in the sea.
            Inamori Kazuo said: Self-interest is the nature of man, self-interest is born; without self-interest, man is the basic driving force for survival. At the same time, altruism is also a part of human nature, and altruism is long; without altruism, life and career will lose balance and eventually lead to failure. Efforts to run a business and life with this altruistic heart will surely grow and develop. This is the "truth" that transcends the industry and transcends national boundaries.
            Brilliance germinated and grew this spirit of “self-leriching” in the hearts of all Huachen family members, and then passed on to their families, Brilliance suppliers, Brilliance customers and the general social environment to improve their mentality and expand their business. The textile group with the best experience of the users enables all Huachen family members to have a better life both physically and spiritually, and at the same time contribute to the society. This is the “German World”. With the unremitting efforts and persistence of all Huachen family members, Brilliance will become a century-old enterprise of “self-reliance and virtue”.
    Brilliance Vision: Textile Group that exceeds the user's best experience
            Interpretation: Vision, the scenario that you want to see.
            Vision: Through continuous persistence and hard work, Brilliance's ultimate ideal and forward direction are vivid descriptions of the ambitious goals to be achieved in the next decade. The details are as follows:
            1. The core of Brilliance's concern is the user's best experience. The so-called experience refers to all the relationships that the user can feel related to Brilliance. It is not only the product but the experience that the user buys. Can a company provide good products to the user? Experience, this is the key to the success of the company in the future. This is an ideology higher than the quality factor, packaging color, packaging quality, brand concept, product quality, pre-sale and after-sales service, customer experience, and the mental outlook of the employees. The company's hardware and software environment and the timeliness of the products delivered to users are all experiences. This has something to do with every family in Brilliance, and each family member provides experience directly and indirectly to the user. For example, a warm salute of the guards, unexpected birthday wishes of the customers, and tireless pursuit of quality details by the production department. Of course, the best result is to provide an experience that exceeds the user's expectations! Therefore, Brilliance's vision is to become a textile group that exceeds the user's best experience.
            2. Brilliance is a professional textile group that specializes in textiles, integrating spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing. External users are important and internal users are just as important. Printing and dyeing is the user of weaving, weaving is the user of spinning, production is the user of purchasing, sales is the user of production, procurement, production and sales are the administrative logistics, finance, human resources and general management users, employees are the company Users, we are always providing people with a variety of experiences. What we need to do is to continuously and effectively meet the various needs of users through R&D, technological transformation, management improvement, products and services, and even business model upgrades, and even provide experience beyond the expectations of internal and external users. Let them move, let them fall in love with Brilliance, become Brilliance fans and loyal users, let them and Brilliance forever! Most importantly, employees are the users of the company. The purpose of the company is to provide employees with better and better experiences, such as work and living environment, employee income and benefits, spiritual training and guidance, so that employees are home to the factory. Everyone is a family who loves life and loves work! Now all the factories and dormitories in Brilliance are improving the work and living environment of their families. Starting from bit by bit, they are practicing the culture of Brilliance!
    Brilliance Mission: Make all Huachen family members get a better life both physically and spiritually, and make greater contributions to society.
            Interpretation: The mission, also called the official goal, refers to the reasons and basis for the existence of the enterprise, and is the reason for the existence of the organization.
            Mission, the purpose and reason for the existence of Brilliance, the responsibility that Brilliance must fulfill in fulfilling its vision, including the philosophical positioning, value proposition and image orientation of the company.
    1. Brilliance is a big family. The purpose of Brilliance is to let the family get a better life. Brilliance is a common cause of all family members. Brilliance is like a big ship. All of us are on board, and we are experiencing stormy waves together. The work of the family is to make life better. It has both material gains and happiness in work. Some people even want to make a career and realize the value of self. Then, Brilliance’s mission is to make everyone’s wages more and more high, especially for those who honor their parents, earn their grace, be humble and trustworthy, have both ability and political integrity, and manage their own households with the highest income. Now the group is providing meals, employees' birthday gifts, children's education awards, support for employees with difficulties in weddings, visits to employees' hospitalized patients, hospitality and condolences for the death of employees, and the practice of Brilliance's culture and mission.
            The growth of a person is nothing more than a solution to the "synchronous improvement of material and spiritual." The improvement of material is actually the "improvement of the ability to create wealth." The improvement of the spirit is the "inner cultivation and the improvement of quality". Progress can lead to a happy life.
            When the inner spiritual world cannot carry the increase of wealth, "the more wealth, the more trouble," because only a sufficiently heavy spiritual world can carry the increase of wealth. This is the so-called "thickness and morality." Therefore, for the "thage of the virtues", money is "to benefit more people through circulation, so that more people can find happiness." When a spiritual world is rich in “freedom and freedom”, one must return to the source and externalize the inner cultivation and wisdom into a greater ability to “create wealth, create value, and create a platform”, otherwise you will live in “ In your own spiritual world, you are not in harmony with the society, and you are not in harmony with others. Therefore, the true freedom of the spirit is not "from the secular world, to escape the secular world" and "not to be red-hot". It is precisely "with the heart of Bodhisattva." "Showing the public to be free" in the "red dust", can be both vulgar and elegant; not only "lower Liba people" but also "yangchun white snow"; not only "being a person, but the heart is equal", can also "enter Hell Gate, bitterness and ignorance of all beings; can not only "be in the high position, but also be able to "be in the low position and not humble", and finally do "three thousand miles of red dust, I am self-cleaning, eight thousand miles of the world to enjoy freedom"! Fix your inner spiritual world and cultivate your ability to "create wealth and value". It is the true meaning of life that makes the two together! Brilliance's mission is not only to improve everyone's income, but also to improve the spiritual realm of everyone through cultural construction, environmental improvement, management improvement and management's words and deeds, so that all family members can live more clearly and be happier! The group's ongoing "Happy Life" traditional culture course starts from the management staff and slowly walks to the frontline family. This is the mission of practicing Brilliance. We must use the 5,000-year civilization of the Chinese nation to create the happiness of the Brilliance. life.
    2. As an enterprise, it should also fulfill its social responsibilities and, through good management, play its due role in social employment, taxation, stability and unity, and urban construction. Brilliance is not just a company, but nearly 3,000 families. The rise and fall of the company is related to the happiness of nearly 3,000 families and is related to the healthy development of society. Brilliance’s goal is to enable these 3,000 families to achieve a better life in material and spiritual terms, which is also fulfilling their social responsibilities. At the same time, Brilliance is a big profit and tax account of Changyi. The schools, parks and roads in Changyi have the contributions of Huachen people. They are walking on the increasingly beautiful road of Changyi. We have reason to pay for our labor. And proud!
    An essential source of power:
            Interpretation: Source power is the most fundamental source of strength in the development of Brilliance.
            "Three talented people, heaven and earth people" ancient people will be the "three talents" along with the world, showing the importance of people! In the mission of Brilliance, it has been clearly explained that the purpose of enterprise existence and development is for Huachen people, then the talents belonging to Brilliance have become the key to the development of Brilliance.
            Talent is the lifeblood of enterprise development. Talents are those who recognize the company culture, have professional qualities and high job skills, and can continuously create value for the company.
            The "people-centered" thinking is the fundamental purpose of establishing a modern enterprise system. Attracting people, concentrating people, caring people, understanding people, inspiring people, trusting people, respecting people, cultivating people, developing people, paving the way for talents, discovering people's potential and realizing the common development of individuals and organizations.
            Brilliance relies on talents as the basic driving force for the company's development. It regards respecting talents as an important driving force for the company's development. It regards the common development of all Brilliance family members as the strategic orientation of the company's development, and provides a stage for all kinds of talents to display their talents. The talent growth environment promotes all the Brilliance family's material and spiritual life, creating excellence and sharing success!
    Two most important thoughts:
            I am wrong, I will help you.
            Interpretation: When you think about your life and behavior every day, you will understand that life depends on one thought. That is to say, it is because of the thoughts that have made our lives, and the idea of ​​having positive energy is formed. Positive energy life. Understand this truth, we must manage our own ideas. Manage your own ideas to truly achieve self-management.
            I was wrong----the ancients said: "I can't do anything, but ask myself." If a person says "I am wrong" from the heart, it can dissolve the gaps and misunderstandings between people, resolve all grievances, raise the righteousness of the whole body, and obtain greater blessings.
            I will help you----in the heart of helping others to do things, to help the subordinates to manage, the rewards will be greater, and the rewards will be more. Helping people is happy, helping people to be open-minded, helping more people to be more happy, the more happy they are, the more they are willing to help. This is the transmission of positive energy, which is "self-lily, good deeds"!
    Three professional spirits:
    The spirit of the morning craftsmanship of the first-line family
    Managing family members to lead by example
    The spirit of empathy for all family members
            Interpretation: Brilliance's professionalism is that working in Brilliance should have the spirit, ability and consciousness.
    1. The spirit of the morning craftsman of the first-line family
            Craftsmanship refers to the spirit of craftsmanship, pursuit of perfection and ultimate, the persistence and pursuit of excellence, and the spirit of excellence. Constantly carving our own products, constantly improving our crafts and enjoying the process of sublimation of our products in our hands. The goal of craftsmanship is to create the highest quality products in the industry and outstanding products that are unmatched by other peers. The craftsmen have high requirements for the details, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, the persistence and pursuit of the fine products, the quality from 99% to 99.99%, although the benefits are small, but for a long time to benefit the world. Craftsmen love what they do, don't compete with others, and always compete with themselves.
    2, manage the family to lead by example
            The development of management work depends on words and the other is on behavior. This is what the ancient Chinese said. Discourse is very important. Only through discourse can we lead thoughts and bring people's understandings to the corresponding heights. However, as managers, it is not enough to have words, but also behavior. In the early Spring and Autumn Period, the politician’s pipe once said: “The ban on winning the body is in the people”, which means: “As long as you lead by example, you can ban it.” Leading by example, being strict with self-discipline, self-discipline is the basis and premise of the legal person, and the legal person is the extension and embodiment of the self-discipline. In the company, there is nothing worse than a manager who says "it is a set, and it is a set." As a manager, you should walk in the forefront of other people in the following five aspects, that is, if you ask others to comply, you must comply first; if you ask others to do it, you must do it yourself; if you ask others to advocate, you should advocate it first; Ok, let's take care of it first; if you ask others not to do it, don't do it yourself.
    3. The spirit of empathy for all family members
            "Thinking for others is the best in the world." Empathy is a way of thinking about others, that is, thinking about what people think, understanding the supremacy of thinking about interpersonal relationships. People must understand each other, trust, and learn to empathize. This is the basis for interpersonal communication: mutual tolerance, understanding, and more thinking from the perspective of others. To do anything, you must first think about empathy. Only empathy can produce empathy, you can find the other person's needs, you can better understand others and help others, so that you can have a good focus on your efforts. . This can relieve troubles and pains for yourself, and at the same time reduce the trouble for the other party. In the society, no one in the enterprise is an island. Everyone is a community of interests. We can't use our left hand to hurt our right hand. We are the leaves and fruits on the same tree, so we don't complain, don't blame. To change the angle, change the way of thinking, "To blame yourself with the responsibility of the people, to be broad-minded."
    Four core thinking:
    Raise awareness
    Focus on the overall situation
    With everyone
    Commitment must be done
           Interpretation: Brilliance's core thinking is the right way to work in Brilliance.
            1. Lifting consciousness----the beginning of man, the nature is good. Modern people suffer too much temptation, so many times they lose their way and lose their goodness.