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    Chairman's instructions
  • Chairman's instructions on practicing the Brilliance Culture
    Dear Huachen family:
    Corporate culture is a concentrated expression of the core values ​​and behaviors of an enterprise. It is the essence of the spirit of enterprise spirit, the soul of the enterprise, the source of power for the advancement and development of the enterprise, and the ability to condense the positive energy of the enterprise and form a strong corporate centripetal force. Improving the overall quality and strength of a company is a unique symbol of a company that can be recognized by the outside world at a glance.
    Brilliance's corporate culture carries the ideals, beliefs and wishes of Brilliance's family.
    As a fast-growing enterprise group, Brilliance puts the best user experience in the first important position of Brilliance Culture. It can be seen that the group company attaches great importance to customers and family members, and only pays attention to customers and family members. With respect and respect, we can concentrate on the survival and development of the unpredictable market wave and realize the maximization of the interests of all parties including the interests of the family.
    Since the release of Brilliance's corporate culture, all the family members of Brilliance and Brilliance have actively studied and seriously practiced the Brilliance Culture. Many of their families have also written their own feelings from the heart and have done the most in the reform and development of the Group in their respective positions. The efforts have also seen the support and support of the Brilliance family. In particular, corporate executives are very satisfied with the understanding of the practice of Brilliance Culture. As the chairman of the board, I am very satisfied with this.
    Like all companies, Brilliance is facing an unprecedented economic depression, crisis and various unfavorable tests.
    The practice of Brilliance's transformational reform for a year and a half tells us that opportunities are often hidden in harsh challenges. Our family members in the morning, under the leadership of the senior management, seriously practiced the Brilliance culture, actively responded, and continuously deepened various reforms and achieved good results in stages. In order to further improve and deepen various reforms and make Brilliance move towards standardized and healthy development, it is required to:
    1. It is necessary to strengthen the study of Brilliance Culture and continuously enrich the new connotation of Brilliance Culture according to the Group's development goals and development process.
    Let Brilliance Culture understand, familiarize and get the best experience for everyone, including all family and all aspects of Brilliance.
    Through continuous study, propaganda and implementation, the Brilliance Culture will be infiltrated into the minds of every Huachen family, infiltrating into the various sections, links and all users of Brilliance, forming mutual support, mutual trust, mutual learning and common promotion. The common development of the morning light.
    2. Use the Huachen culture to unify thoughts.
    Brilliance first learns to respect others and win the respect of others.
    The culture of Brilliance affects the entire Brilliance, affecting the spiritual world, thinking and behavior of each employee of Brilliance. Brilliance is a big family, but also a small society, a family and society that lacks integrity. People are suspicious and speculative, forming an invisible wall between them. Brilliance's culture is to tear down this wall, and establish a large family in Huachen with morality, humility, self-management, integrity and harmony. This will enable us to maintain a healthy and healthy development.
    Brilliance Culture also gives each family the space and opportunities for growth and development. This is the commitment and guarantee that each family of Brilliance has made to each family, so that each family of Brilliance can thrive in the big family of Brilliance and provide personal ideals. A good platform for goals, outlook on life, and values.
    Only by using the Huachen culture to unify our thinking, all the Brilliance family members will present a positive and optimistic state of mind on any occasion. First, respect others to win the respect of others and achieve mutual benefit. The value of life and the goal of healthy development of Brilliance.
    3. To practice the Brilliance culture seriously.
    Let others enjoy the best experience while also enjoying the best enjoyment.
    Every Huachen family must use Brilliance Culture as the code of conduct for their work and life, so as to strictly demand and standardize themselves. Everything in the office uses Brilliance Culture to raise awareness, strengthen security, strengthen the overall concept, establish a team spirit, and experience commitment. The high-speed operation of all links is achieved without gaps, creating a harmonious working atmosphere and a collective image of solidarity and vitality, thus ensuring continuous improvement of product quality, customer satisfaction and market recognition.
    4. Require that Brilliance executives should unite and lead all Brilliance family members to actively implement reforms with Brilliance Energy, which is produced by practicing Brilliance Culture, courageously respond to all crises and disadvantages, ensure the normal production and operation of Brilliance, and ensure the rights and interests of family members. Brilliance is able to establish itself in the industry and develop healthily.
    Let us all the family members of Brilliance unite and work together to deepen reform and tide over the difficulties. Work hard for our common goal, to achieve and enjoy the best experience of Brilliance Culture!
    Chairman: Shi Yixiang