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        PhySilk originated from Changyi, Shandong Province, which is one of the starting points of the modern maritime Silk Road and the hometown of Chinese silk culture. Changyi silk, also known as "Liu Silk", originated in 1740. It is a national geographical indication product of China. With the integration of the traditional Chinese "hand painting" technology, every PhySilk work is unique, with both quality of life and artistry!
        Changyi Silk has a history of 270 years. It is recorded in the history on the fifth year of Emperor Qianlong, the Qing dynasty (1740). "Laizhou Prefecture Record", part of "Goods Class" recorded: "Changyi produced mountain cocoon silk", which was one of the starting points of the modern Maritime Silk Road. The silk has various design and color, good quality, good draping, natural and elegance, luxurious impression. Together with Guizhou Maotai Liquor and other Chinese products, Changyi Silk won the gold award at the first Panamanian World Expo in 1915.In 2006, the AQISQ approved the implementation of geographical indication product protection for Changyi silk. In 2019, Changyi won the title of "The Hometown of Chinese Silk Culture".