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  • 岐祥·文创家纺
              Qixiang Home China's healthy cultural innovation home textile advocacy brand! Man is the product of the environment. Nearly one third of 
    our life is spent in the home textile environment. Qixiang Home is committed to creating a healthy sleeping environment and living environment, 
    using natural fiber,combining with Chinese traditional culture, so that our elderly, children and we have a safe and healthy home environment!
    Linen: natural fiber, breathable and refreshing, washable, lightfast, antiseptic, antibacterial and so on.
    Cotton: natural fiber, comfortable texture, not easy to produce static electricity, good moisture absorption, sweat absorption and softness,good for
    sweat glands"breathing" and health.
         Qixiang Home is like your home; let you enjoy silence and peace in the world of chaos! Who like natural fiber also like simple, simple and natural
    life, respect the heart, return to simplicity, return to nature and health.
    Qixiang Home chooses high-quality natural fabrics, with comfortable touch, heart to create“China healthy and cultural home textile advocates
     brand "!