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    Winter snow flying, who carved Qionghua Yushu
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    Winter snow flying, who carved Qionghua Yushu
    2016-11-22 Brilliance Textile Group



    Brilliance Textile Group
    To shape the corporate culture of Brilliance, improve the management level of the enterprise, create an excellent working atmosphere, and reflect the humanistic care of Brilliance.


    Modao winter withered, winter has its own style. "Suddenly, the spring breeze comes, and thousands of trees and pears bloom." Finally, a snowy night completely changed everything. early morning,
    Woke up in a dream, I was surprised to find that I was in a snowy, dreamlike fairyland.


    Sighing snow, who knows the winter style.
             Snow-capped, silver-packed, flying beads splashing jade, heaven and earth. Overnight, it seems like a beauty, the earth is always clear, elegant and beautiful.
    There are thousands of charms, thousands of styles, and a fresh and elegant rhyme that comes out of the flesh. I really want to, I want to open my arms and take this world of jade and ice into my arms.


    Surprising my surprise, shocking my shock. A thought, a white smoke, dancing in the air. Look at the far side, but see "Qianfeng bamboo shoots, thousands of jade,
    Wan Shusong Luo Wan Duoyun"; look near, I saw "spinning bead curtain over the powder wall, lighter than the catkins are heavy in the frost", heaven and earth all things, a plain clothes, like a fairy, the fresh and refined
    Do not have a charm. Snow flutters, how many Qionghua Yushu. It is precisely that "the long days are far from the mountains and the mountains are white, and the plum blossoms and willow flowers are not distinguished."


    In an instant, obsessed with the glazed world of ice and jade, the heart of the turbulent heart began to flow deep poetry, and the feelings of winter also quietly sprouted.


    The reward is strong, and the winter is full of styles.


     In winter, the snow flies, who carved the Qionghua Yushu.



        It’s cold, the family keeps warm, the road slips, and the family pays attention to safety!

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