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    The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" is a crucial period for determining the strength of China's cotton i
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    Over the years, China's cotton industry has laid a solid foundation for China to become the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of textiles and apparel. However, China's cotton industry is still "big but not strong". At the same time, there are two problems: On the one hand, China's cotton supply is oversupplied, and many cotton purchase and processing enterprises are struggling; on the other hand, some textile enterprises cannot meet the quality requirements. National cotton.
    The main reasons are as follows: First, the cotton planting area is scattered, the mechanization level is low, and the supporting services are backward. Second, the cotton industry policy lacks overall considerations. The state has invested a large amount of financial funds to subsidize cotton farmers. The growers attach importance to the subsidy amount and despise the market value. Third, many large-scale garment enterprises in China, mostly “processing enterprises”, have strong production capacity, but their design capabilities and marketing capabilities are weak. They are at the low end of the value chain, and price competition has become the main competitive mode. With the loss of low-cost advantages, the competitive advantage of China's cotton textile manufacturing industry is weakened.
    To this end, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China should actively promote the transformation of China's cotton industry to the strong cotton industry, and realize the transformation of China's cotton production, processing and manufacturing to China's intelligence, China's design, China's quality and Chinese brands.
    First, build an industrial chain governance model to enhance the overall competitiveness of China's cotton industry. Establish a cotton industry chain management model, innovate the rules, mechanisms, methods and activities of the management of public affairs of the industry, take the whole industry as a whole and the common interests as the value orientation, guarantee the equal dialogue, negotiation and cooperation of the multi-actors, open up the industry barriers, and jointly respond to the whole Industrial transformation and challenges to achieve the full integration of the agricultural, industrial and service industries in China's cotton industry chain, seamless integration of production and service processes. It is recommended that the pilot use the industrial chain as a unit to compile the guidance for the development of the “13th Five-Year Plan” for China's cotton industry. Improve the policy decision-making mechanism, focus on equal opportunities, and pilot the establishment of a major industry policy hearing system.
    Second, promote the modernization of cotton planting production, reduce the dependence of cotton growers on financial subsidy funds, and enhance the market's leading role in cotton planting and production.
    Third, promote the construction of cotton textile product brands. Improve the quality standard system and quality management laws and regulations for cotton, cotton yarn, cotton and cotton products. Tax reduction and exemption for investment in scientific research and design of cotton industry chain enterprises. Promote the internationalization process of China's cotton textile product brand value evaluation and establish a good image of Chinese manufacturing brand. (China Cotton Network)
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